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Thursday, September 25, 2014

3 Reasons to Avoid Buying a Foreclosure | RE Insider

This isn't the entire story on buying foreclosures, but most people who ask me about them are first-time buyers thinking they are going to outsmart the market.  Foreclosed homes can be a good buy, and are sometimes in decent condition, but are few in number in a strong market like we have now.

3 Reasons to Avoid Buying a Foreclosure | RE Insider:

On the other hand, pre-foreclosure homes can be a disaster.  Owners are seldom genuinely motivated, and tremendous amounts of time can be wasted trying to pry such homes from unwilling sellers, while genuinely available properties are being purchased by more realistic buyers.

Good topics for conversation; call me if you have an interest! -David

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rudy Giuliani Headlines Buffini Success Tour in NYC

I can scarcely describe the brilliance of the leadership presentation delivered by Mayor Rudy Giuliani at the 2014 Buffini & Co. Success Tour event in NYC last week. Two days before the anniversary of 9/11, the response to which he led so capably in NYC, Mayor Giuliani shared how he drew upon resource of conviction, preparation, and courage in that highly successful effort. Real estate representation requires good amounts of each, and I've gained perspective on these virtues and others that I look forward to applying in my work with the great buyers and sellers I'm privileged to serve. -David

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Buffini & Co. Mastermind Summit 2014

Some clients ask how I stay so prepared, informed, and fired up about real estate.  This organization, Buffini & Co., is behind it all. Just back from the 2014 Mastermind Summit in San Diego and it was an outstanding experience! Enjoy the clip featuing Brian Buffini and some of the speakers.  -David

Friday, August 1, 2014

"Seasoning" Requirements after a Foreclosure, BK, or Short Sale

From Ted Kohn of RPM Mortgage: One of the most often asked questions I receive is how long does a borrower have to wait after a BK, Short Sale, or  Foreclosure to purchase or refinance a property with RPM Mortgage.  Here's a guide of current mortgage seasoning requirements for a new loan.  

Note: If the attachment doesn't link or enlarge, contact Ted at the link above or me for a full sized copy. -David

Sales of California’s million dollar homes at 7-year high

7-year high in high-end home sales is led by Manhattan Beach.